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For Trio St. Bernard, community engagement does not have to be separated from artistic vision. Individually both are important and effective, but together they become more meaningful and imaginative. All of our outreach projects have focused on how what we do as artists and performers can inspire and inform people of all backgrounds. Our current initiative, Crossing Voices, is our most relevant project yet, bringing audiences into our creative process as active contributors.

Trio St. Bernard in residence at Music from Angel Fire in New Mexiso, 2016.

Trio St. Bernard in residence at Music from Angel Fire in New Mexiso, 2016.

The central idea of Crossing Voices is that voices "cross" at every level of music; in the counterpoint of a composition, in the interpretive dialogue between the composer’s notation and the performer, and in the dialogue between the performer and audience. Our goal to test the limits of the dialogue between composer, performer, and listener.

With interactive community workshops Trio St. Bernard seeks to reach and empower new audiences as we invite participants to collaborate in the creative process by helping us to interpret and arrange works for violin, cello, and piano. Through a collaboration with Project HOME we have developed a series of workshop models aimed at validating audience members’ own voices by guiding them in activities that invite their personal reactions to our performances as well as their own creative contributions. 

Using self-produced arrangements of music outside the traditional chamber music repertoire, we rehearse, discuss, and modify these arrangements with audience members as active participants in the decision-making, with our ensemble acting as an interactive, customizable “miniature orchestra” to which the audience can directly respond. This prompts creative activities where the participants react to the pieces we bring them with their own self-produced works as a personal entryway into a greater listening experience.

For more information on Project HOME, visit their site: https://projecthome.org




Music from Angel Fire, New Mexico (summer 2016)

As young artist ensemble in residence, we performed throughout Northern New Mexico, both on MFAF series concerts and at local schools. An essential part of our residency was school programs in which we visited local schools in the region—many of which lack music programs—to share our love and knowledge of classical music.

St. Andrew's School, Delaware (fall 2016)

Last year we had the privilege of working with students at St. Andrew's, a school with a tremendous arts program. We gave individual lessons and master classes to high school students, and at the end of our stay we performed for the entire school, conducting an open rehearsal in the middle and answering questions at the end.